Change of season , change of day to Night i.e evening is best suited for Yajna to be best time .This is the time where the sunlight is low and high in bacteria and they are likely to attack weaker bodies .Light is divided in negative or dense part .Yajna has natural disease removal ability and the diseased body is also converted to a healthy body .Yajna uses the natural herbs however they are not vanished just converted fine molecules from solid to gaseous form and mixed to our surrounding air which removes the bacteria available .this has been mentioned in several ancient books.

Those living habitats in nature ,Yajna improves the health ,removal of bad smell ,diseased elements and a health atmosphere is available .The living being brain power is improved .Man to man relations are improved .The family get a cool and satisfactory ,enjoying domain .Man has created nuisance to nature by concrete, excretion of urine and potty.The Yajna makes it possible to eradicate all those faults .The inner core of your mind becomes pure ,removal of faults and reception of joyousness .Stability of mind ,health and ultimately liberty .