Utility Of Mother Holy Cow

Cow dung has inherent Methyl ammonia and phenol Formalin like medicinal properties .The fumes spread removes most types of bacteria’s. Lighted and fired cow dung cake thus a matter of energy ball to research Bio scientist around the world .

Gaureesh Vedic Herbal Organic Cow Dung Cake Finest Base material for Dhoop ,Havan,Agnihotra.
Pure Indian cow’s cow dung Cake utilizes 60 different kind of medicinal and mixture of natural aroma. Pooja Path, Home Grah Nakshtras all essential Samidhas are included in the material. It acts as a protective shield and safeguards against evil forces (Kaala Jaadu). Aatmarakshakari Product

Use of this magical material removes all kind of doubts and we do not feel that anything has remained to be included. Gaureesh cow dung cake has everything that it needs to be.

Creation of ring of active energy and functional energy (KaryaShakti) in the atmosphere and creates chaitanya around the body and flow of PanchMahabhutas around the body . Creation of protective shield of active energy around the body ,activation and flow of particles functional energy in the body .We feel positive aura level , tejas, Ojas Body is evolved .

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