Gaureesh Yagya Havan Material uses 150 different herms mixture. Main contents are Chandan,Bhaisa Gugal,Jatamaasi, Arjun,NagKeshar,Maulakshi,Chid,Kadamb,Jalwant,Mahua,Neem,Khopra,AnantMul,Ashok,Jamun,Vidhara,Apaamarg,Harsinghar,Gulab,DruanPushpi,Khirni,Giloy,Gulab,Ritha,shisham,Laung,Kuth,Shatawari,musli,sahdevi.chameli,garudi,chakrarupa,bidarikand,mundi,chandi,ishwari,karpuri,tulsi,sitronil,salai gugal,bach,chadila,Jayfal.
Kaunch seeds ,Harad Kabli ,shrivarni.,GulBanFasha,MadanMast etc .

Benefits of our products:

All the shatras have clearly mentioned that the aromatic natural herbs has to be used ,some part of enriched product base and one part for disease removing elements in proper proportion. That purifies our atmosphere rich with pleasant aroma .The neurons are accelerated and balance of hormones is maintained .

Yajna word is produce of Yaj (metal) which means devpooja ,friendship and Donation .In all The planetary karmas Yajna is supposed to be finest .Yajna is Agnihotr,DevYajna,Hom,Havan are similar words .The material burned in fire becomes particulate that spreads automatrically and removes bad smell ,The air,water,rain is purified ,due to water purification the green plants get purified water ,The purification of air improved the quality of surrounding air ,food habits ,health,Power .This is also called devYajna because the air becomes Divine . Purity of “The atmosphere “ is only possible thru Yajna .Yajna takes to close to nature .The disease removal natural herbs help the Yajna .The modern science has accepted the vedic concept .

Yajna removes the bacteria’s and worms that enters thru water and food in our body.The Yajna purifies the water and air ,the fire also becomes pure ,The skyline becomes pure and pollution free .This is being a celebration and respect to those Gods which the Agnihotras takes care of their own Kingdome & public .

We normally see Yajna as a traditional formality and never explores the science and divinity hidden in them .
We use whatever impure material available , improper combination of material and chemicals has dangerous effect . The oil or Ghee used we never try to get the pure material , so the result we get most negative output , loss of money , time and disturbance to our own piece and we try to invite the threats we never know.

All shatras have clearly mentioned the advantages of Yajnas however because of practical difficulty and absence self experience ,remember this is not a problem of Yajna but our own lack of knowledge that leads to invitations to the problems !.you must use the pure material , pure samidha and proper timings ( shubhKal) .Even if we cannot perform the divine Yajna however we can use at least Dhoop for 02 times daily that leads to Body,Mind,Lineness,Bhamhacharya,Purity ,Freshness,Liveliness,Shine,Power,energy,all time youthfulness and initiative to do more things that imparts creativity.

The heat produced due the Yajna frees you from Psychosomatic disorders and your worldly character evolves as a divine character .Due to increase in brainpower good feelings are natural and todays most problems are solved by Yajna therapy .”Manusmruti “book has mentioned that the Yajna creates the Brahmins residing in your body as your mind problems are eradicated .
The religion of atmosphere is divine science .Human health has the elementary physical body and mental stability with brightness of soul .When all four dimensions are filled with finest positive and powerful thoughts so we feel accordingly full of energy ,shining and enjoying .