All types of worships and sixteen fundamental Hindu Rituals ,use of Dhoop,Havan is eccential .This creates pure and divine domain ,Purity of 5 elements (Panch MahaBhutas) .Removal of VastuDiosh and mind is concentrated towards DhyanKriya .The material is pure ,cleaned in hygienic way and without removing the oil the medicinal herbs are used with natural aroma .Because of pleasant aroma the neurons’ in the brain are accelerated that gives positive impact on heart and mind ,result fast blood circulation and more oxygen ,the experiments brings love and happiness .



Gaureesh Dhoop Material uses 150 different herbs mixture. Main contents are Chandan,Bhaisa Gugal,Jatamaasi,Arjun,NagKeshar,Maulakshi,Chid,Kadamb,Jalwant,Mahua,Neem,Khopra,AnantMul,Ashok,Jamun,Vidhara,Apaamarg,Harsinghar,Gulab,DruanPushpi,Khirni,Giloy,Gulab,Ritha,shisham,Laung,Kuth,Shatawari,musli,sahdevi.chameli,garudi,chakrarupa,bidarikand,mundi,chandi,ishwari,karpuri,tulsi,sitronil,salai gugal,bach,chadila,Jayfal.Kaunch seeds ,Harad Kabli ,shrivarni.,GulBanFasha,MadanMast etc .
All the shastras have clearly mentioned that the aromatic natural herbs has to be used, some part of enriched product base and one part for disease removing elements in proper proportion. That purifies our atmosphere rich with pleasant aroma. The neurons are accelerated and balance of hormones is maintained .