The material used in Gaureesh Cow Dung Cake :

Aak,Palash,Khair,Apaamarg,Peepal,Gular,Shami,Chokar,Dhak,Chandan,Devdar,Bad,Pilkhat,Peet,Daaru,Shaal,Padr, Aam,Bakul,Aavla,Agar,Jai,Arjun,NagKeshar,Maulakshi,Chid,Kadamb,Jalwant,Mahua,Neem,Khopra,AnantMul,Ashok,Jamun,Vidhara,Apaamarg,Harsinghar,Gulab,DruanPushpi,Khirni,Giloy,Gulab,Ritha,shisham,Laung,Kuth,Shatawari,musli,sahdevi.chameli,garudi,chakrarupa,bidarikand,mundi,chandi,ishwari,karpuri,tulsi,sitronil,salai gugal,bach,chadila,Jayfal.

Natural Oil used in Cake :
Neem,Karanj,Salai,RoshGhas,Karpur,Tulsi,Sitronil,NagarMotha,Til,Dalchini,Sarso,Devdar,LemanGras,Chandan,Jatamasi etc.

Regular use of this removes the Vastudosh of office or house and slowly your loan is remitted .The student gets new energy and positive thoughts and brain power improves drastically ,In the case of quarrel it imparts coolness ,The body remains healthy and shining ,The gaureesh Cowdung Cake is suitable for Aanchman and the burnt cow dung cake (Bhasma) is good for body coating ,The Ash is good for cultivation of feed and the trees or rootshoots becomes healthy and fast growing .
In Dhoop ,Havan above cowdung Cake is guaranteed with purity and nothing has remained to be utilized ,this doubt is removed .This is base material for Yajna .