In astrology cow is :-

Sarve deva sthita dehe sarbadevamayi hi gou I Cow is very important in our life. God resides in body of cow. We can protect ourselves with goutantra vidya and go mati mantra vigyan. “Godan (donation of cow) is a very sacred act of each Hindu. We can protect ourselves from accident, pretbadha (supernatural power) delay in marriage, delay in court case and even for cure of weakness. Service to cow is a noble cause and gives us prosperity and hurdle free life.

Veda has declared “etad wai, viswaroopang, sarvaroopang, gorupam’. “Cow is the incarnation of universe (visya brahmanda). It is mentioned in Brahm and puran, Mahabharata). Padampurana, Atharvaveda, Bhavishya Purana and Skandpurana.

In astrology in case of planetary problem gosewa is the main way to get rid of.

In the evening when cows return home after grazing the dust is generated from the legs of cow. It is supposed to be very sacred. Godhulibela (evening) is very good for any good work. The morning time when cow goes for grazing is also a good time.
In the edge of the horn of cow resides Shiva. German Scientist Rudol Stener says that cow acquires cosmic power by means of horn. Touching a cow tail is beneficial. Service to cow gives children . In shraddha ceremony kheer (payasam) is made of cow milk. This satisfies our ancestors. Human beings, devta (God) and ancestors all get nutrition from cow milk. It frees us from pitridosh (harm caused by father). Shadow of cow is also good. Before journey sight of cow or ox is good.

Bhagwan Dhanwantri tells acharyya Sushruto Hey Sushruto. Cow is sacred and auspicious.
Gourachana helps in the case of poison and supernatural problem.
Mahadev is pashupati and he is known as Vrisha bhang. Every breath of cow is divine wherever cow sits an anuar of energy is created which gives us positive energy.

Science of Vastu says that wherever cow is reared vastu dosh does not exist. Specially cow shall be kept in the Vayabya corner (airy corner). It curbs all the planetary problems. First chapatti of the house should go to gomata.
If a girl is not getting married she should feed cow green grossfor 5 or 11 Wednesdays.

The hump of cow is compared to pyramids. It collects all the energy of Moon, Sun and Stars as pyramid does cow is the mother of prosperity. In purana Kamdhenu or Nandini cow is mentioned. Orbit of Earth is divided in twelve parts. Every part is one rashi (zodiac sign). The zodiac sign is Vrisha. It symbolizes goumukh (mouth of cow) Ganga comes down to Earth through this goumukh.
In Indian culture Haldhar Balaram and Srikrishna are widely worshipped God. They have done green revolution and white revolution. They have turned a barren land into fertile one. They made Khandala prastha ( a barren land) to Indraprastha. Sri Krishna is known as Gopala (the person who takes care of cows). In this way cow in India has a religious sanctity. In the ancient days “Gold coin “ and cow were considered as the standard of valuation. The person who owns ten thousand cows and ten thousand gold coins was given the title of Gop” Persons owning one lakh gold coins and cows were designated “Nanda”. Srikrishna’s father was a “Nanda”

Even in the time of Gautam Budha cow was extremely important. Person owning more and more cows was designated “nagar shreshti” . King Bimbisor was invited by one “nagar shreshthi” and shreshthi used diamonds and all precious stones to illuminate the place where dinner take place. We can imagine how prosperous India was at that time. In a shreshthi house there used to be one lakh cows.
Srikrishna has wished:-
Gabu mamagrato, santo gabo me santu pristhtata I
Gabo me sarbato santu gabang madhye vasamyaham II

Means cows are in my front, in my back and around me, I want to stay in the midst of cows.


In our country there is a system of smearing cowdung mixed yellow dust in our houses. It is antiseptic and helps us against pollution. It also can prevent atomic radiation. In Japan it has been recognized after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blast. Famous Scientist Pra Wigade of Italy says that fresh cowdung kills the germs of T.B. and Malasia also Havan with cowghee is done in Russia. Research is being carried on this. Effect was found in the whole area where havan was done. It was free from bacteria and germs. It also prevents the negative effect of carbondioxide.
Cowdung smeared houses are free from disease like plague, cholera. During war such houses were less affected such house gives us energy more than a pucca house.


Cow dung manure is better than chemical fertilizers. This keeps our land much more fertile.
This fertilizer contains more nitrogen (0.5 – 1.5 percent) more phosphorus (o.5 – 1.5 percent) more potassium (1.2 – 1.4 percent) than a chemical fertilizer. This ratio is analysed and proven in a chemical lab. It is very easy and cheap to prepare a compost fertilizer of cowdung. Each farmer can do it very easily. It needs 10 feet deep and 6 feet wide pit. 180 cubic metre fertilizer can be produced from this pit. 100 kilo cowdung and 1500 kilos of waste leave branches roots etc is needed to be filled up in this pit, waste soil of the farm is used in this pit and finally water. It is sealed for 90 to 120 days and compost fertilizer is ready. Nothing has to be acquired from the market . Every thing is generated from the farm. It produces 3 tons of fertilizers.

Every one knows about “Gobargas” (cowdung gas) The fuel can be used for light or also cooking. There is a scarcity of electricity in villages. Gobargas can supplement power supply.
If power is generated from cowdung it can solve primary problem of electricity in a village. Villages can be self sufficient in terms of power generation. America and all developed countries have done research and found out that in a diary of 10000 cows, 2 lakh metric ton fertilizer can be produced and one day fertilizer can run a data centre of the power of 3 megawatt. If this is started in India can create job for the educated youth of the village.

Indro viswasya rajati Shang nong dwripade shang chatuspade II (Yaju. 36/8)
In today’s busy life every one is in tension. People do more mental exercise than physical exercise. There is pollution, there is dearth of electicity. Gobargas plant is one solution to the problem.
Laxmishcha gomay nityang pavitra sarlamangala I
Gomaya lepanang tas mat kartybang pandunandna II
Smearing cowdung is very sacred and Laxmi stays in the sacred place.

Cowdung is cheap and good fertilizer :-
In 1904 agricultural Scientist Sir Albert Harvard conducted a research study in pusa (Bihar). In his book “An Agricultural Testament” he has written that the crops gross in or around Pusa were germfree. He has practical work in the fields and did it in an Indian method. He applied only cowdung manure and his teacher were local farmers. He has concluded that if land is not fertile crops are prove to insects.’
If land is sufficiently fertile crops are healthy and healthy crop will prevent insects themselves. There is no need of insecticide. If land gets proper fertilizer, proper treatment there is no fear of germs attack in the crop. Hence farmer should work hard to keep the land healthy Crops in a healthy land will be healthy and that will make people healthy.

If we do a financial analysis of cow as an animal we find cow from its birth and after death also is an extremely useful animal. We use a dead cow’s skin, horn. Skin is used for making purses, shoes, the bones are used for making fertilizer. Cowdung, cow urine is good fertilizer and also insecticide. Grazing of cow in a land improves the quality of that land. In this situation saving cow is extremely important.
Keeping our cows healthy and look after them properly is urgent. Cow keeps the whole society healthy.
The ashes of cowdung is used as an insecticide by farmers. It controls white ants and other insects in the field. Use cowdung manure, it is easy to prepare, good to apply, cheap and helps avoid chemical pollution in which The vegetables, crops grown in this land in which chemical fertilizer is used is poisonous. Pregnant mothers consume these crops and vegetables and poison is found in the breast milk. Ground water is also affected by the application of such fertilizers. Irrigation department has found that ground water contains nitrate and nitrite and makes the water unpottable.

Some days back veterinary doctor Peter Proctor of Newzealand did a wonderful application. He took cowdung of a milking cow and filled it in the horn of a dead cow and buried it. After six months he took it out and kept in a water tight box. He took out 35 grm cowdung from the above box and mixed up in the 10 litre water and sprinkled in 1 acre land. It made the land fertile and green.
The ashes of cowdung is used as insecticide and people clean utensils by this ashes. It is not only better than any cleaning powder but is costless also.
If we use machine for cutting crops it only cuts the crop portion. Large amount of the crop remains and is dried up in the farm only and farmer puts fire in it to clean it. Use of machine is not good and has negative effects.
If we use healthy bullocks for tilling of the farm and do not use tractor it will be good for us. More natural the farming is mother nature gives back in bounty. Previously these used to be bullock driven oil refineries in villages. Today this system is almost in abolition and there are oil refineries . The left over of these refineries are exported as a result our cows do not get them. If we feed them sufficiently cow will give sufficient milk which will bring sufficient revenue.

Cow eats all these which human beings do not consume. We eat rice, wheat cow eats its husk, we consume oil cow consumes oil cake (the left over after extracting oil) we consume lentils, cow eats the husk In this way cow only takes those which we throw away and gives us milk which is equal to nectar.
In 60 cr acre agricultural land of our country 250 cr ton fertilser is needed. 50 crore ton cowdung is exported every year. From one fourth of this i.e 5 crore ton cow dung prepares 8.7 cr ton fertilizer. This is only 37 percent of our requirement. We spent arab rupees on chemical fertilizers, which decreases the fertilising capacity of land.

Once 1oth Guru Gurugovindsinghji went for pilgrim to Pushkar. Pandit Prithviraj asked him what is the object of Khalsa Panth? He said object of Khalsa Panth is to save any adharma, cows, Brahmins, saints, poors. Throughout my life I will keep doing it.
In the Shilalekh (stone inscripts) of King Ashoka it was written that we must not kill cow or bullocks.
To save bullocks is a big challenge in the country. Due to the agricultural machineries bullocks have become redundant. The work of bullocks is being done by tractors. Tractors need petrol and pollute the atmosphere also and on the other hand bullocks do not create any pollution and easy and cheap method.

Goushala and pashu awas (place where old and crippled animal will stay. To keep such animals places should be created. We can use cowdung and cowurine of these animals.
Jain society is doing commendable work for cows. Today 30 p.c. goushala is run by Jain society.
World famous Dr. Albert Einstien wrote to late Dr. Amarnath Jha that India must not go for mechanized farming and chemical fertilisers and pesticides. This has decreased the fertility of American farms. We never used pesticides. But multinational companies have increased the sale of pesticides in our country. Now we import pesticides in huge quantity. Its sale has gone upto thousands of tons.

There are very serious issues that our leaders and economists and experts of agriculture and our policies should decide after analyzing the merits and demerits of the issue.
Govt. statistics states that we are depending too much on foreign techniques. We are forgetting our tradition and traditional way of doing farming. But end result is not very fruitful and our farmers have to pay a very high price for these imported techniques.

Cowdung and Cowurine:-

Very effective poisons like Sankhia, bhilava can be neutralized by cow urine. Gold and silver is also purified by cowurine.
Cow is full of positive energy. Cowurine is a divine chemical. It neutralize the effects of poison and purifies our heart, lever, kidney, intestines and all organs of our body. Taking both with one spoon cow urine in the water protects us from all infections and germs. In Nagpur one electric clock is run by cowurine in place of batteries. Cow urine is full of potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, urea, phosphoros, ammonia, creatinia and salt also. It is very good for farmers. It works as an insecticide. It prevents skin disease also.
For this reason in the sanatorium of Italy cowdung is used. Cow is a mobile dispensary. Panchagabya has wonderful results. Cow urine has been described as an unique thing in our ancient scriptures like, charak samhita, rajnighanta, bridhuphagbhatta, amritsagar. It is carbolic acid, that is why it is pure and sacred. In the urine of pregnant cow hormones exist.Today cows should be well protected by law, Farmers and gardeners should use cowdung fertilizer. Number of articles can be made from cowdung and cowurine. This can be produced as cottage industries in our villages and help in income generation.

It is time that we rectify the old mistakes. Animal husbandry should be done scientifically and in a natural way. Animals should be kept well and fed well. There should be enough place for grazing of animals.
Animal husbandry contributes 6 p.c. national income of our country. It gives us fertilizers and are loaders. It is used for oil refineries (ghani) and also squeezes sugarcanes. Six percent Banjaras live on animal rearing. Bullock carts are very important means of transportation and loaders.
Good grazing land develops in a place where rain is good and not dry more than 3 – 4 months. Government has kept grazing bud in their master plans but gradually they are being encroached or not maintained. Every panchayat should be given this work and small shallow tanksm for drinking water of animals in the grazeland.
God has created human being with enough intelligence and conscience. It is expected from human being that they will maintain natures beautiful gift and not destroy it for their selfish motives.

The trees used in grazeland are : Maharukh bans (bamboo), anjan, choti marbel, sen, shersi, augusti, munga, stylo grass etc.