If we crush a medicine or boil it, its particles does not become son small as it happens in havan. In havan the articles is put in fire and its particles spread into total atmosphere and benefit many people. Also by inhalation it enters the body. That is why persons who perform yagna regnlarly remain healthy.     Modern medical science in not successful in causing all the diseases. It does not have ways and means to kill germs of all disease because virus of decease is very minute and all pervading that no one can be saved from it. Looking to it yagna treatment is seems and safe and successful. It cares not only the patient but seems the whole area from germs. While sitting in a yagna we should wear least cloths. Dhoti and chadar is good. No tight and coarse cloth should be worm. We should wear very light and loose clothes.     Hasta maitra mriga putrayuthare, aswipoushna shubh yoga sokhyadahl (mnttak sangraha). Aswini, mrigashina, pushya, hasta, tito tino ultara, anwadha and revti and priti, siddhi, sadhya, shush, shovan and ayushman yog ho it gives all happiness.     Souma asoumya guru Shukravasra Sarba Karmesha Bhavanti Siddhichal (Ratnamala).     For performing yagna Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is good.     Remaining “charm” (offered to havan) should be taken an Prasad. The remaining ghee from basndhara should be applied in face, head and heart and should be inhaled. The yagna shesh (the ashes of yagna) should be applied in head and heart. Medicines are made from this yagnashesh.      After havan water should be sprinkled by means of Kush or Durban or flower on the patient and yagna ashes should be applied on head, heart, neck, stomach and navel and also in both the hands. This simple way of treatment has been tested many times and its result has been confirmed every time.        Jajman (who performs yagna) should perform the yagna with great regard with bhakti and should observe satya and brahma charyya brata. The work done with full srsddha is never fruitless. God also accepts only those offering which are done with utmost sraddha (faith and trust).    Nashradhya dhanaya havirijnshanti devah (geeta 17/28).  We all know the effect of poisonom gas. It chokes a person and even the person can die. The case of union carbide is an example. During was to gases of gunpondu spreads an epidemic. Gases made for killing people are used and was weapon. In the same way good gases help in physical and mental health yagna produces such positive gases.       The yagna sthal (place where attar is kept) is full of positive energy. It prevents diseases. It is as good as immunization in the modern term. In everything is polluted now-a-days we aqua grad for water, jet mats for mosquitoes, energy pest controller, use insecticide in farming. In this situation treatment though yagna is welcome solution.     “Oh sage! Performing tap, havan and japa under a pipal tree gives you imperis have virtue” Pwatmajt says, Shami Kashmari Shallah Varuna stastha! Paschasanani shastani Shraddha devarchahe tatha (shraddha kalpattata), Shami, gambhari, shonebriksha, kadamba, varundrum (khair) wood asana (sitting table for puja etc) is ideal for shraddha and worship of God.    There are dos and don’ts in performing yagna (havan). If totally burnt the havan offering will have no results and it will produce carbon dioxide and create pollution. During havan wood (samidha) is arranged outside and the havan samagri remain in the inner circle when wood is lit it does not broken the havan samagri but only evaporates it. Havan kunda is broad on the top and narrow in the bottom so that oxygen reaches the havan samagri in the right proportion. No u burnt articles should be dug again and burnt.      Number of Brahmins and time is not fixed in the yagna Drahmins is yagna should be expert in Veda (Padma Purna). There should be 8 (eight) dwarpal and eight Brahmins who will reeite the mantra (Padma puran shrishtikhanda) Brahmin who does not come in the yagna after invitation takes birth of a pig in the next birth (skanda puran prabhaskhand). The person who keeps Maun (do not speak) goeg to heaven. According to astrology final offering (purnahuti) should be given in standing posture (Brahmipman) craven month is ideal for performing yagna. Actually yagna is a medical science. Mantra reeited is sound therapy and havan samagri is aroma therapy. It has immense positive effect.        Intact yagna produce energy in the air. The air become light and we can easily inhale it. In the energy there is heat also which opens the pores of our skin and sweat come out easily. All the antitoxin comes out with sweat. In cures skin problem. It purifies our blood and in enhances power of immunity and cures the disuses from root. In before each yagna kund (attar) there should be one kalash, yagna samagri, clran asan, big copper plate (Padmapurana, srishtikhanda). There should be a drain around yagna sthal for innigation, drain water. This water makes the outside atmosphere moist.       Shunanja Patitanancha Swapacha papa Koshivam!      Vayasanang Kriminancha Shanakainirveda yad bhuvi!!  In Indian culture kumbh (pitcher) has a great implication. Kumbh is the replica of the universe. The whole creation is in kumbh. All animals and living beings, Gods’ giddiness, rivers, mountains, Pilgrims every things is implied in the kumbh:-                     Twattoye starbatirthani devah sarbe tayi sthitah!       Shivoh sybyong tyame basi vishwastang chr prajapats!! Aditya Vasasar rndtrah Viswedeva marndaganah! Tayitisthanti Sarbeopi Sarbakama phalaprada!      Kalasasya mukhe Vishnu Kanthe rudrah Ssmaschitoh!      Mule tasya Brahma Madhya matriganah Smritah! Rigvedooth yajnrvedah samvedo hyathardanah!! Angestu Sahita Sarbe kalashe the Samashritah! In the other way kalash is the symbol of immortality Amit Kalash churned out form sammdra manthan is the actual kalash. That is why before doing any specifics, rituals, worship or in any festival we put a mangal kalash before our house. If sacrifice is being done for special reason specific articles are put in the kalash:-      Dharmakamah kshipeda bhashma dhana kamaster mouktikam!    Shri kamal kamalah dadyat kamarthi rochana tatha!!    Mokshakam nyased vastra cha jaya kamo parajjitam!    Vcehatanarth vyaghring cha vashyattha sikhi mulakaur!!    Maranaya mariche cha kaitababg mohouaya cha! Means ashes for dharma labh, moti and kamal for dhanalabh lotus prosperity, Vastra for moksha, aparajita for vijay vyaghri for separating, fan of peacock for enchanting kalimirchi for killing, for attracting dhatura is utilized Copper kalash is the best, if not avalible gold, silver, brass, larthen pot can be used. Kalash used in a auspicious wore is usually fifty fingers broad in the middle 16 finger high and 12 finger broad bottom and opening is 8 finger broad is coridued ideal.      Hemrajattamrashcha mrinyal kshananwitah!    Yatro dwaho pratishthadon kumbhasyurabhi sechame!! Pancha shangul vaipulya utsedhe podashangulah! Dwadashangul mula syumnkha mastarggulang bhaveta!! When we do puja in kalash we see whole India – Gange cha yamunecha Godarari saraswati! Narmade sindhu kaveri jalehasmina sannidhing kuru!! Like this we remember rivers are each direction which comprise of total Bharat or India.                “Durlabha Bharat janme” This has been uttered by on sages again and again before our ancestors there was a complete Bharat without any division.      Swadhyae narchayed rishin homairdevanyatha vidhi!      Pitrian sraddhai minannaibhurtani bali karmatha!!                   (Menu 3/81)        Let us please sages with study of scriptures, devta with havan, ancestors with sraddha, human being with food and each living being with our help and respect.     We must keep food for crows, fallen person, chandal (untouchables) patients with bad diseases, dog and insects and offer them like this –  Shybhyo namoh  Patitebhyoh namoh  Swapabhyo namoh Paprogibhyo namoh Vaysebhyo  namoh Krimibhyo namoh India was a prosperous country. It was a country of scholars, yagna. There was plenty of milk etc. Today we see the result of our negligence. Pollution has spread poison because we have neglected cow and yagna.

Different type of havan samagri for different diseases:-
Fever (high and complicated) – roots of pad, nagar motha, lal chandan, seed of neem, apamarg.

Simple fever – tulasi wood, tulasi seed, chiraita, karanja.

Old fever – kesar, kaksingi, netrawala, traiman, khirenti, kut, pokhar mul.

Cold fever – patol patra, bark of neem, nagarmotha, giloi, bark of kude, karanja, flower of neem.

High fever – indra jou, patol patra, seed of neem, netrawala, traimalta, kala jira, root of choulai, badi ilaichi.

Cough – mulhati, pan, haldi, anar, kateri, baheda, unnao, bark of anjeer, adusa, kakarsengi, ilaichi, kulanjan.

Dysentry – safed jeera, dalchini, ajmod, bel extract, chitrak, atish, sout chabya, lsabgol, mottassi, talamkhana, chuara.

Indigestion – talispatra, tejpat, podina root, hard bark of Amaltas, nagkeshar, kala jeera, safed jeera.
Poisoning – seeds of wild tulsi, apamarg, indrayan root, karanja extract, darunhaldi, leaver of choulai, extract of binola, lal chandan.

Blood defect – dhamasa, sarwa, bark of kude, adusa, sarfoka, majith, kutki, rasta, hard bakuchi, jawasa.

Skin problem – sheetal cheeni, chopchini, flower of neem, leaves of chameli, darunhaldi, kapur seed, padmakh.

Problem of brain – seed of ber, bark of moulasri, new leaves of pipal, seed of lmli extract, kakjangha, flower of bargad, sireti, giloy, gorakhmundi, shankhpushpi, malkagini, brahmi, birch, shatabari, jatamasi.

For children :- atish, , kakarsangi, nagar motha, pipal, choti dhania, dhai ki phool, mulhati.

Confirmation of pregnancy – sounf, kashwi, dhania, rose, khas, seeds of poppy, lakh, indtra jou.

T.B. – makai, jibanti, jatamasi, giloi, javitri, shalakparni, anwala.

Above mentioned are list of medicinal plants which should be used in havan performed for a specific disease. Proportions must be same ideally. But can be changed according to availability.
In ancient times putreshti yagna been has performed to have children Yagna used to cure sterility in men and women. There are havans to cure diabetis , blood pressure.
Yagna shesh is amrita (mahabharata shantiparva 242/30)

By performing yagna we get children yagna se Santati utpanna hoti hai (mahabharata shantiparva 263/10)

If a person performs havan with wood of gulertree and honey and sugercane juice and reeites gayatri mantra he is sure to get rid of urinary problem. If a person performs havan with bilwa patra ghee and reeite gayatri mantra he will get prosperity.

Wheat, rice, til, jou, matar, kanguni, nivar, ghee, milk, mung, and dahi is used for havan as havisya.

Best for havan is goghreet if not available goat ghreet or pure oil and if this is also not available jartil oil (til grown in forests) if not available oil of pili sarson, if not available mustard oil and if this is also not available gond can be used.

Yagna is performed for welfare of others. Fume of all the articles which are put in yagna evaporates and spreads in small particles in the atmosphere. This has immense effect on mankind.

Suryah , somo yamo kalah mahabhutani panchai cha!
Ete subhashubhosya karmanovo sakshino!!

Surya, chandrama, yama, kala and panch mahabhuto (prithri, jat, tej, agni, vayu and akash) are witness of nine shubho and ashubho karya (good and bad karma).

In vedic scripture germs are called as asma or demon. Atharraveda 1/2/31/32/4/37/5/23/29 has decribed variety of worms. If has named as yatudhan, krabyat, pisach, raksha etc. These demons enter in our body through our breathe, food, water and air and cuts our flesh and puts the disease in our body. Because it gives ‘yatna’ or pain these are known as “yatudhan”. They eat up our flesh that is why they are called “krabyat” or “pisach”, yagna kills these worms and saves us from diseases.

Jivo Jivosya Jivanam

Every living being lives for others. Every one is saerificing to give life to others. This is the principle of yagna. Now-a-days we are not performing yagna. That is why there is so much grief around.

We get our food from plants and trees. Our body is the contribution of this food. When we are not well we take medicine from the medicinal plant. Yagnagni does this work. “Shayita no Vanaspati” (yajurveda 21/21) means “Vanaspati” gives us peace by giving us medicine and by curing us.

Mantra, tantra, havan, yagna, rules and regulations fasting, pronam and going for pilgrimage are all treatment for our physical, mental diseases as well as epidemics.