In the Rigvedic time yagna was performed each day, morning and evening. From that time it is a well known fact that the fumes caused by yagna purifies air and atmosphere. In 2000 A.D. vedic literature there are description of dalchini, adrak, mur, chandan and long etc and 700 other spices. In Atharva Veda treatment with medicinal plants is extensively described treatment with massage of oil is a very old treatment mentioned in India. Sirodhara of Kerala is a form of this above mentioned treatment only. Scent bottles were found in 3000 A.D. That means aroma therapy was present at that point of time also.

Use of aromatic plants in food and medicines was started as early as Neolithic Age. It was used in countries like Rome, Unan, China, India , Egypt and Tibet. Amongst 16 types of aroma dalchini, jatamasi, amaltas and Kaifti was included.

In Egypt in 4500 A.D. aromatic medicines were used and aromatics wines were consumed. Kala jira, Dhania, souf are used in preparation of food and this helps in digestion.

Aromatic Plants:

Rarely such person exists who is not charmed by the beauty of flower and its aroma. Flower is an unique gift of God to mankind. In fact flower has such quality that attracts our Panchaindriya (eyes, ear, nose, toungue and skin). We see the beauty of flowers Smell the aroma of it. Some flowers have honey which is consumed by butterflies and honey bees and the constant buzzing sound of honey bees are a treat for our ears.

Flowers have two qualities :-
Beauty and aroma when we see a flower we forget all tension and it gives us special pleasure. It helps us to live a longer life. Aroma of flower is therapy for many disease Aroma also brings peace and pacifies the mind. When we wear flower ornaments, it enhances our beauty and grace. In plden days women used to wear flower ornaments only.

Aromatic treatment in dhoop yagna :-
Patient has specific needs. Aroma physician of 17th century Gastan Gragu has proved that treatment can meet out patients specific needs. It gives positive impact on our eyes, nose, brain, and heart and digestion system.
Aroma inspires a special motion in the nerves system of brain which creates deep impact on human heart and mind. It speeds blood circulation; we get more oxygen and bring energy and joy in our mind. That is why we use agarbatti, dhoop, loban etc.

Professor Maxmueuer has written in his physical religion, that putting aromatic articles is fire cures many diseases. This method has been used is Scotland, Ireland, South America to cope up with epidemics. In Japan and China they call hom “ghop” and it is practiced in all temples. In Germany they use lavender sticks. Parsis do havan yagna as good as Hindus. General King Sanitary commission of I.M.S. Madras has written in his booke “Byubonik Plague that aroma drives away poisonous germs and even is good for controlling a disease like plague. This type of havan has been supported in medical science and we find it in the booke of W.M. Taffkin.
In the 20th century science of aroma has been recognized and it has been researched and developed as a complete remedy for many serious diseases, Mrs Marganet Mori published her book “The secret of life and youth” and according to her we can stay young by aromatic treatment. The problem like acne, wrinkles, skin problem, obesity, weakness of muscles, rheumatism, sinisititis, mental cheerless ness can be cured effectively by aromatic treatment.
The expert in this field say that aromatic plants have highest energy and aromatic essential oil can rejuvinate a person. Famous physicist Romane says that one aromatic particle can be called a live hormone. “This aromatic oil can enter our body through breathing or skin. Its effect has been proved to be effective on skin etc and its impact on our physical system is extensive. Only a little application can do wonder.
Bed small can create a lot problem like headache nausea, ghabrahat etc. In the same way aromatic atmosphere helps keep our mind peaceful and fills up with joy. It not only affects human beings it affects birds, butterflies etc.
The aromatic articles put in yagna energies our mind and can even cure mental tension etc.
Scientists are doing research as to how smelling a particles gas can cure T.B. In America they call it yagna science. Yagna spreads aromatic particles which have effect on trees and plant, crops and earths.
Scriptures say that gandh (aroma) is one quality of earth (Panchgun, Panch tanmatra). Earth is always extracting gandh (smell) and inhales bad smell of animals, human beings tree and air.
We should always plant aromatic plants around on home, in the temple, hospital, public place, garden, school, college. Sun purifies the earth by taking away bad Odom and aroma spread by yagna helps us live healthy and energetic.
The aromatic articles used in dhoop yagna :-
Bach, kut, agar, tagar, sngandha, brahmi, ananta, mool, bapchi, ral, lal chandan, safed chandan, khara kadi, charila, chandres, kamala, loban, guggal safed, bhaisagool, kachri, jatamasi, mastage deodar, taj, vijay sor, tejpan, sugandhbala, amba, haldi, gathona,
kuth, nagar motha, hanber, tomarireme, sugandh kokila, ghaoriphool, kadwa neem, kapas.
In India from ancient times we perform aarti of Gods and Goddesses. We do aarti with kapur. Kapur fume purifies the atmosphere; it kills all germs termed as bhoot, pistach, rakshash (ghosts, denits, and demons). Lighting kapur in our house is extremely beneficial. It gives positive effect and curbs pitridosh a devdosh etc.