30 years of extensive experience in roots shoots development , research , effect of same on the local environment and humanity .Our survey based on 5000 experts pundits , research on Cow on a continuous basis .70 Lakh trees have been planted and more than one crore are on the verge or planting.

Devashry has been promoted by Dr. SUSHMA DUBEY , MCom . LLB,Accu pressure ,Yajna Therapy ,Aroma Therapy and alternative medicine , research on these subjects and certified by expert Ayurvedic scholars .with our scientifically based vedic rishi civilization .Based on faith of total healthy and  decease free life.

Our Aim

Production of Real ,Pure , original ,unextracted dhoop Yajna Havan material.

Our Mission

India wide Spread of Dhoop Yajna matrial , its cultivation and generating awareness about it.Protection of precious species and its  propagation .Making each individual connected like Pandits so that they promote and make everyone aware about it so that India is Decease free country .Also growing Cow breed and cow related products .

Our Vision :

All Yajna Nation should develop a Yajna eco system which is pollution free .An health approach worldwide.


What we do:

We approach the source where the Yajna material is produced .systematically and based on vedic rituals like following a particular planetary system (Nakshatras) , which is scientific way as its imparts full energy and Yajna contents .

What you see in present yajna system is few wooden sticks are burnt and some mix material is spread over those sticks .Now your own experience makes a difference here .The energy level gained is a self experience , Positiveness, soothing ,full of potential and joy that give a self gained experience which is possible only by a proper Mix, Originality and deep routed learning process  and experience make a difference .It is very important that this place should be free from pollution .where to put a right and pure material is the key to success .

Hindu ancient shashtras have a clear explanation of rituals ,dhyan,mantras, Jap and specific Poojas .all sixteen rituals and all these programs have enormous impact .But in recent days the quality of material and sticking to ancient values have been on the verge of declining and the very purpose of performing poojas has been lost hence the outcome of the pooja is near zero .Our efforts in this regard and oor bottom line clearly depicts the objective “everyone is empowered and get the power of wisdom which he /she deserves “

In asia normally most person open the shop and office and enlightens the Agarbatti or dhoop Batti .also in Temple , Gurudwara , Masjid and churches agarbatti has its importance .Hindus have enormous faith in Poojas . Millions of people use this agarbatti , havan samagri etc which has roots of ayurvedic origin tree .India has abundance of more than 1000 such species of aromatic plants , using wood , part of branches or leaves the aromatic oil is extracted .

The base of havan has its own importance . the selected wood particles must be selected which are not converted to coal or carbon particles and includes anti bacterial, antifungal which purifies the atmosphere . removes the diseases and makes our immune system strong . naturally aromatic ,strength building and soothing Dhoop we produce . For e.g  the

Wood is sourced from AGARWOOD ( heartwood of aquilaria ), sandalwood ,and Devdar ( Cedar wood ) only . KandMul ( Indian Wild Tree ) , Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Bada Kulinjan (Alpinia galanga ).Khas tree (Vetiver – Vetiveria zizanioides).Amba Haldi (WHITE TURMERIC) ,Bach Tree (Aspen)

Use of Kernels (Chaal) : DalChini ( Cinamon) ,Taj(Ambal Taj ),Gular (Ficus racemosa),,Bhojpatr (Betula Itilis) .

Use Of Fruits : Grapes ,BelFal(Wood Apple ) ,JayFal (NatMeg),Akhrot (WalNut),TejBal(Zanthoxylum alatum),HauBer(Wild Marjornum),Oranges etc.


Seeds : Ilaychi(Cardamom),Sarso(Mustard),Til(Sesame),Ajwain(Carom) etc.

Binder (Gond) : Lobhan(Styrax Tree) ,Gugal (Indian bdellium-tree),shilajeet (Mumijo tree) ,Kapoor(Camphor)etc

Panchang : Tulsi (Holy Basil) ,Neem tree etc .