In the Indian culture Havan (Yagya) has been given a very high importance. It is evident that havan has been given a very high position in Veda, Ramayana Mahabharata and other historical books. Havan purifies earth, water, air, energy, the atmosphere (sky) – the five elements of universe (Panchatatwa). Human body is also made of these five elements. Hence purification of these elements purifies human bodies.

Research has concluded that the numbers of Ions present in the atmosphere affects human behaviour and health in a big manner. Humans may face many problems if the number of Ions decreases like headache, fainting and distraction from work. It has been observed that during good weather the number of Ions can reach upto 3000 per cubic centimetre and in cities it can reaches upto 500 per cubic centimetres. Though in some offices the number of Ions reached at zero level. An experiment was conducted in one of such office by installing Ionizers, the result was very surprising, about 15% to 25% employees who were complaining headache regularly declined to 6% only and the efficiency and focus of employees increased heavily. It was observed that heavy use of air conditioning equipment causes the decline of numbers of Ions in the atmosphere. The air sucked by air conditioning equipment comes through very narrow pipes and the anions get struck to these narrow pipes which causes the decline in number of ions in the atmosphere. By using Ionizers we can prevent many diseases like fever, asthma and migraine. Havan(Yagya) has got same capability like Ionizer.

One of the most important part of Havan(Yagya) is Havan altar in which the process of Havan(Yagya) is performed. Havan(Yagya) Altar has got scientific base. Havan altar can be made from any metal or have any dimensions, the size may also vary with number of holocaust(aahuti) but the ratio of the structure of the havan altar always remain fixed. Whatever size it has in the bottom it becomes four times square at the top. This ratio of structure has got scientific base. The purpose of such structure is to produce maximum heat by the havan(Yagya). It is scientific rule that anything can be converted in energy form only after heating it. Aeroplane, car, truck, scooter etc only runs when petrol get heated in the engine. Petrol produces energy when heated and this energy gives speed to the vehicles. The abdomen of the human beings acts like a havan altar the digestive fire converts the food particles consumed by human beings in to energy which eventually provide strength to the different parts of the body. Our havan altar also burns the havan samagri which gets coverted into energy and helps in removing the pollution from atmosphere.

That is why Havan(Yagya) is an essential part of human life. One must perform Havan(Yagya) periodically for the betterment of his health, mind and atmosphere.