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Welcome to the Vedic Dhoop,Yagya Havan Samagiri And Herbal Kanda

In the Indian culture Dhoop, Havan (Yagya) has been given very high importance. It is evident that havan has been given a very high position in Veda, Ramayana Mahabharata, and other historical books. Havan purifies earth, water, air, energy, the atmosphere (sky) – the five elements of the universe (Panchatatwa). The human body is also made of these five elements. Hence purification of these elements purifies human bodies.

Dhoop, Havan is basically a healing process. ‘Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you’Read more

Have you ever thought

Why do we enlighten Dhoop or Agarbatti sticks?

Use of Agarbatti sticks is dangerous , spreading disease, where we are moving ahead?

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Whether we perform only the symbolic rituals?

What should we do?


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Why choose us

We provide pure and natural Unextracted form of Dhoop & havan samagri

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Quality & Safety

We provide reliable, excellent quality products.

  Premium quality is key to our success.


Pure, Original and unextracted dhoop yagya havan samagri.

  Natural herbs collected  from source.

Health & Well-being

Divine, Vedic, natural way to good health…….  Ancient Bharat

Our aim in Dhoop, Yajna and Havan –

1. Due to worship, havan, dhoop to reduce pollution.

2. We need peace

3. We need good health.

4. Pure thought

5. Removal of bacteria and fungi.

Today’s Truth –

1. Because of improper knowledge we use wrong material ,and it increases pollution.

2. Use of Wrong material tend to increase disease and peace of mind.

3. Use of wrong material damages health.

4. Thoughts polluted.

5. Bacteria’s are not removed and chemical aroma is dangerous to health.


We work on Dhoop, Yagya and Herbal Organic Kanda.

On our body and environment effects from Dhoop Havan Yagya and Agnihotra.
What are you enlighting from above
What herbs are enlightening below and its effects

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घर में रोज धूप जलाने के 10 फायदे:-

  1. Herbal Healing.
  2. Happiness Index
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Discovering Connection with in you
  5. Various means
  6. Understanding complete product cycle

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Environment and Dhoop-Yagya

Effects of Dhoop-Yagya on Plants and Vegetation

Dhoop-Yagya Awareness program

Karya shala (workshop)

Corporate Yagya

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Grow and Develop Yagiya Plants

Grow and Develop Yagiya Plants

Yajna has inherent property to clean the atmosphere.Air flow from Yajna tree are full of medicinal properties which improve our health.

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About Gaureesh

30 years of extensive experience in roots shoots development , research , effect of same on the local environment and humanity .Our survey based on 5000 experts pundits , research on Cow on a continuous basis .70 Lakh trees have been planted and more than one crore are on the verge or planting.

Devashry has been promoted by Dr. SUSHMA DUBEY , MCom . LLB,Accu pressure ,Yajna Therapy ,Aroma Therapy and alternative medicine , research on these subjects and certified by expert Ayurvedic scholars .with our scientifically based vedic rishi civilization .Based on faith of total healthy and  decease free life.


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