Have you Ever Thought ?
Why do we perform the AGNIHOTRA ?
What we feel after performing Havan,Yajna?
Why it is necessary to perform The Bheshajy Yajna in the four months of Chaturmas?
While performing Pooja why our mindset is not focused for the objective and we feel loss of Peace .
Please ask those question to self 
The impure Dhoop Yajna Material is the cause of Pollution.
It is of utmost important , to select the right and pure Yajna Dhoop Material .We get lots of trouble due to impure material
And the pure material combination is not at all available in the market .The proper knowledge and identification is also not an easy task .
what we get is a ready made packet.
whatever available in the market , the eccential oil is removed .As the extract is removed you get only the wooden part of it which looses its effect and ultimately
the havan you perform is waste of time .
The person performing Yajna cannot maintain his and is disturbed.The pollution is spread, Carbon dioxide is erupted.The person performing Yajna feels heaviness,
tiredness ,lack of attention and person is frightened.
The herbs available in the market may not be original and so is the proper combination which it ought to be .Think what you get in Rs 200 per KG whereas the original herbs are in the rage of more than 1000 /Kg to 5000/ Kg. So how can they sell to such a low price is the basic question .For aroma normally chemicals are used which is dangerous for health which causes future health hazards.
While performing Yajna the base material is anything and you are burning any unknown material , it is a right rituals?, NO ,
All Pundits are in touch with Agarbatti , dhoop , havan they suffer a lot due to this impure material.which the pure material Pandits should not perform the rituals .This is straight way the cost of your own precious health .
The chemicals used in mixure is Hydrogen sulfide,Nitrogen oxide ,Carbon Monoxide and mythen.
The impure gases released in the atmosphere are of 10 micron in size.due to this this gas is passed directly to your lungs without filter.that causes breathe problem , Lung cancer , cough ,Heart disease , infection in eyes .throght infection (Dama)
Due to pollution , mental pollution is increased.which increases the  anxiety  ,tension so there is family disputes .everybody has become self centered now a days .The mental hospitals are flooded with mental problem patients .Loneliness,inflating doubts and feeling of insecurity .
Research has proved that the atmospheric Ion counts has a clear effect on man though process and heath .If this balance is reduced or disturbed then a disturbing situation is created .
Headache , no interest in work and 
UNCONSCIOUSNESS,Dhoop , Yajna ,Havan makes it proper balance of those ions and they release an influx of energy .so pure material has to be used .
Now a days half mad position ,sudden eruption of anger ,culprit intention ,anger ,are the mental trouble ,elimination of all thise problems is possible by use of dhoop Yajna .
Those material which preserves your health , we need to pay an attention to it ,Because of Dhoop Yajna we are energized for the whole day .Many coutries and scientist have performed research on this subject .so we have lots of advantages .Air purifications, Purity of five elements (PanchMahabhutas) and life purity ,Yajna and dhoop has predominant role .
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